Football Betting Sites

If you are a fan of football, you have certainly bet on your favorite team before with your friends or acquaintances, or you may have participated in one of the match prediction competitions on social media, however, online football betting offers you a whole new level of winning and profit. In this guide, we will explain to you the basics of betting on football that you must master carefully in order to make the largest possible profit, and we will also address the most effective strategies and the failed strategies that you should avoid.

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What Is The Best Online Football Betting Site?

There are more than 1,000 sports betting sites on the internet, and the best of them all is Betfinal. It supports football as well as 30 other sports and gives bettors an impressive array of bonuses and promotions.

‎What Are The Most Important Online Football Bets?‎

  • Moneyline
  • Handicaps
  • Specials
  • Point Spread
  • Totals
  • Accumulator Bets

The Most Important Tournaments You Can Bet On‎:

  • World Cup
  • Champions League
  • European Nations Cup
  • English Premier League
  • La Liga
  • African Nations Cup

How Do I Place Football Bets?‎

In order to be able to start betting on football matches, you must first choose a reliable sports betting site (such as Betfinal), and then register a new account on the site, choose your financial method and make your first deposit.
You will get your welcome bonus and you will have enough credit to start, after that you can choose one of the matches on the main page to bet on and you can also use the search feature to get to the match you want to bet on quickly.
There are 3 main options that the betting site offers you:

Option 1

Betting on the Home team winning.

Option 2

Bet on the way the team is winning.

Option 3


‎if you want to know other betting possibilities, you can click on the name of the game and you’ll find all the possibilities you can bet on.‎

‎What Benefits Do Online Football Betting Sites Offer?‎


Online football betting sites offer their players a lot of great advantages that you can take advantage of, such as:‎

  • ‎live streaming – using this feature, you can watch live sports matches in various world championships and leagues. this feature is offered completely free of charge!‎
  • ‎cash out option – with this feature you can cancel your bet or part of it before the end of the game so you will ensure that your money is controlled as much as possible!‎
  • ‎compatible with smartphones – sports betting sites fully support smartphones and tablets, allowing you to access the site directly from your browser or download an app on your phone and in both cases you will be able to access different betting options, get rewards and promotions, communicate with customer service, and perform various types of tasks.‎

‎Can I Win Every Bet I Place On Football Matches?‎

‎there is no strategy or way to ensure that you win every bet you place on sports unless you know the future! however, there are some factors that can help you reduce your losses and increase your long-term profits:‎

  • ‎Get rewards for the online football betting site – these rewards ensure you enjoy placing more bets on more games without making more deposits.‎
  • ‎Betting only on the sports you know – you’ll be able to create better and more accurate expectations when you bet on the sports you have the most information about.‎

‎Basic Concepts About Online Football Betting‎:

‎Although luck plays an important role in sports betting, skills and strategies also contribute to long-term winning. in fact, most sports bettors prefer to put money on the teams they support, their favorite players or bet on big tournaments for big profits. although this style gives bettors a good deal of fun and entertainment, it often leads to loss rather than profit! so in this guide, we will offer you the best sports betting strategies you can follow to help you make as much profit as possible from your bets.‎

‎1. Learn The Betting Basics:

‎Whether you’re betting on football or any other sport, you should be aware of the basics of sports, follow the news of different teams, and understand the odds of betting as well. the excitement of your favorite games may lead you to place bets on the teams you think will win, but you shouldn’t get past the basics and learn them accurately so you don’t lose a lot of money.‎

‎The basics of sports betting include understanding the sport you bet on and following up on it regularly, as well as understanding the different betting options and profit prospects it offers you.‎

‎2. Focus On One Team‎:

This idea may seem very simple but it is much more important than you think. being an expert on one team is much more important than if you have information about many sports teams. the more you know a particular team, the more you can determine the good odds and bets it offers you.‎

‎As an expert on a particular team, you will be familiar with its latest news, its influential players, the way his coach thinks and his strategy. a smart bettor can fool football betting sites and be able to place a good bet before the site changes its odds and thus earns high profits. this is particularly the case in local tournaments such as the Arab leagues.‎

‎3. Study The Records Of Online Football Betting Sites:

‎some football betting sites online provide you with records of different teams and in fact, this data is not collected or analyzed manually but is collected in an AI software on the basis of which betting probabilities, winning chances, and profit ratios are determined. It is very important to know what different teams perform based on these records. If you find a team that beats the level of the spread by more than 50%, you have to bet on it, but if the spreads are lower, betting on it will be risky.‎

‎4. Stick To a Specific Budget‎:

Before you subscribe to an online football betting site, you have to allocate a specific budget for sports betting, divide this budget into the betting sessions you will take during the month, and if you make a profit you must add it to the next month’s budget or keep it for the current month’s budget.‎

‎For example, if your sports betting balance is $200, you should not place a bet worth more than 2% of your balance.‎

‎While browsing different sports matches you will definitely find a very attractive match and you will want to bet on it for the value of your entire balance! we all feel this, but it’s better to overcome this excitement and not exceed $10 for your bet, it’s always better to divide your bets than put all your money on one game, this way you’ll avoid bad luck and reduce volatility as well.‎

In fact, this concept succeeds in any activity in which you make decisions about how to invest your money. good money management will ensure you avoid the inevitable loss that comes with any kind of gambling. the first step in managing the online football betting budget is to allocate a separate amount of money from your core expenses.‎


‎5. Find Out The Best Possibilities In Online Football Betting Sites‎:

‎This information is intuitive but it is clear that a lot of players fail to apply it because it requires a lot of work! to make it even more clear, imagine you’re buying bread from a store on the street, yet there’s another store that sells bread for less price, so you’d be wrong if you kept buying from your favorite store and didn’t choose the cheapest! the same applies to sports betting sites where you should always look for a site that offers you the highest possible profit prospects.‎

‎Due to the fact that you will need to subscribe to different betting sites, you will benefit from different offers and rewards, especially the welcome bonus!‎

‎6. Know How To Determine The Winning Streak:

‎sometimes a club or team performs well over many matches, and sometimes the same team — with the same players and technical staff — is unable to exceed half the opponent’s goal in many consecutive matches! if you can predict a series of victories or defeats faster than sports betting sites, you’ll get a lot of chances to win!‎

If you want to apply this rule, you should take into account all factors and variables. for example, if the team beats their rivals at home, they are very likely to beat them in the return matches. in addition, the team’s record of encounters will play a major role in creating accurate expectations about the following matches.‎

‎7. Avoid Betting On Big Tournaments and Qualifiers:

‎In 2019, most Arab followers expected Salah to move to ‎Real Madrid,‎‎but this did not happen! Salah did not move and continued to play for Liverpool. in fact, public expectations fail a lot to predict the course of big deals and tournaments. for example, no one expected Zidane to leave Real Madrid, nor that Neymar could leave Barcelona! so it’s best to avoid betting on big tournaments and deals if you want to win your bets.‎

‎8. Bet On The Underdog With Caution‎:

As you know that for every match there is a (Favorite) team and an (underdog) team, bets on the favored teams offer lower winnings but are relatively safe. While bets on underdogs offer much higher payouts but are very dangerous! So if you want to bet the (underdog) you must choose your bets wisely.

‎Effective Online Football Betting Strategies‎

‎Now that we have covered the basics of online football betting, we will move on to explaining some of the tried-and-tested betting techniques and strategies that can work with you if you apply them correctly.‎


‎1. Bet The Opposite Of Your Original Bet!‎

At first, this rule may seem strange to you, but if done correctly, it will ensure you make a big profit. this strategy is usually applied to tournament bets in which the odds change dramatically in favour of the player as the season progresses.‎

‎for example, if you bet on Al-Hilal winning the Saudi league championship this season for $100, you can also bet on Al-Nasr winning the same tournament but for $50. If Al-Hilal wins, you will get $200, which is to say that you have recovered both bets you have placed and have an additional profit as well, but if Al-Nasr wins, you will also get $200, so you will have recovered the value of your bets and you will also have a profit.‎

‎The basic idea of this strategy is to reduce risk and reach a guaranteed profit, and you can reduce or increase the value of your reserve bet in order to achieve the profit you want.‎

Some players take this strategy to another dimension as they apply it to ACCA Bets, however, if you lose one bet of your accumulator you will lose the entire accumulator so the best one among the Types Of Football Betting to apply this strategy is the bet on the winning team or club.

‎2. Bet Against The Expectations Of The Public:

‎Online football betting software depends on the trends of bettors. If most bettors choose a team to win a particular game, this software will automatically realize that this team is the preferred specialist and the winning and profit ratios will change on this basis.‎

This strategy is based on avoiding and contradicting the audience. If the audience is betting on the Specialist, you can bet on the underdog. In fact, the Favorites are not always the closest to winning and sometimes their abilities are exaggerated in the media.

‎Failed Online Football Betting Strategies‎:

‎There are a lot of betting sites that promise players a guaranteed win in online football betting easily. however, if these strategies really work, all bettors will get huge fortunes and sports betting sites go bankrupt! in the next part, we will explain here at Arab Casino the most important failed strategies that you should avoid.‎

‎1. Martingale Strategy:

‎Based on this strategy, the player doubles the value of his bet after he is exposed to a loss to recover the value of his loss and make an additional profit. however, the fundamental downside of this strategy is that the player can suffer a long series of losses that eat up a huge amount of money before he can recover his losses.‎

In addition, this strategy is mainly applied to roulette games because it offers players different betting options, and each option has its own payout ratio ranging from 1x up to 35x, while sports betting does not offer players the same profit as the bettors get a profit of between 1x and 35x. 5% to 10% only.

‎2. D’Alembert Strategy‎:

‎This strategy is similar to Martingale’s system, and the player gradually raises his bets by one unit after each loss, and when he wins, he returns to the main betting unit. this strategy is a moderate form of the Martingale system, yet it follows the same approach and if you apply it to online football betting, you may lose a lot of money before you win.‎

2. Labouchere Strategy:

‎This strategy is also taken from roulette games and in order to be able to apply them select and repeat the basic betting unit and then collect the last two values to create sequences such as:‎

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34

‎to choose the value of your bet, collect the first two numbers in the sequence (1+1), and if you lose it use the next bet (1+2). if you win, return again for the first two numbers in this sequence.‎

‎In fact, none of these systems can guarantee you the win because they are not suitable for online football bets, and these strategies assume that the player has an endless balance to continue doubling the amount of the bet until he can achieve his own winning. moreover, every online football betting site has a maximum bet amount to prevent you from implementing this strategy (even if your balance is not running out!).‎

‎Best Football Betting Site‎:

‎Due to the increasing number of football betting sites every day, every player, especially if he is a beginner, may feel a kind of confusion and inability to make the right decision about the best website for football betting. But don’t worry! That’s just why our team of experts has done all the necessary research and verification across all available sports betting sites to provide you with the best football betting site. Betfinal and 888Casino sites seem to be the best options you can ever make.

Both online sports bets offer their players the best options to enjoy football betting comfortably and credibly. The main criteria for selecting these sites remain in the generosity of promotions and rewards as well as in the high quality of the variety of football betting options they serve. So when it comes to the best football betting site, don’t skip these two sites because all their players have reported their satisfaction.‎

هل-يُمكنني-الفوز-دائمًا-بكل-رهان-أضعه-على-مباريات-كرة-القدم Football Betting

‎Online Betting, Summary‎:

‎Online betting is an effective way to use talent to make money. this means that thanks to online betting you can enjoy your time in order to entertain and make money at the same time.‎

‎So if you’re also fond of sports, especially football, you should not skip this opportunity to get richer thanks to online football betting. Many Arab online bettors are satisfied. football betting sites are an opportunity for anyone who feels fond of football and wants to use this talent to make real money and enjoy the pleasure of risk. ‎

‎Online betting sites offer their players a wide range of betting options and offer many prizes in order to give players more opportunities not only to win but also to come back and gain experience.‎

‎FAQs About Online Football Betting‎

‎What is the difference between cumulative and single betting?‎

‎In the cumulative bet, the player selects a variety of odds ranging from 3 to 7 bets and inserts them into one bet. if the player wins, he will get a huge profit, while if he loses only one possibility, he will lose his entire cumulative bet. Single betting asks you to select an expectation for only one match.‎

‎What is the minimum bet on football matches?‎

‎The minimum bet on online football matches depends on the site you subscribed to but ranges from $1 to $10.‎

‎Are online football betting sites safe?‎

‎Yes, the online football betting sites we nominate for you on this site hold the licenses of various international legal authorities. it also secures players’ financial and personal data through well-known encryption protocols and has a well-known reputation among players around the world.‎

‎Can I cancel my bet after I place it?‎

Betfinal allows you to cancel your bet after placing it using the Cash-Back feature, which guarantees that you will get your bet back (minus some fees) before the match ends.

‎What bonuses do sports betting sites offer?‎

‎Sports betting sites offer a wide range of promotional rewards and offers, including deposit bonuses, re-deposit offers, loss recovery bonuses, and other different offers.‎

‎Do sports betting sites support local Arab tournaments?‎

Betfinal supports various Arab leagues such as the Saudi League, the UAE League, the Egyptian League, the Asian Nations Championship, the African Nations and other tournaments in which Arab clubs and teams participate.‎

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