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Betting on esports betting, a type of sports betting, is growing just as fast – if not faster – than esports itself. What was once an informal betting system primarily conducted between friends and acquaintances is rapidly spreading in an industry where hundreds of millions of dollars are risked annually by millions of players from almost every corner of the world. We give you the opportunity to explore esports betting and provide you with legitimate betting providers.

Best Esports Betting Sites

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With such rapid growth naturally comes a great deal of uncertainty among people interested in betting on esports. Even if you are familiar with the game being played, the world of betting on this game may still be completely new to you. And if you’re more excited than being a loyal player, you may have questions about both the game side and the betting side.

The FAQ on the best Arabic betting sites about esports betting sites is designed to answer all the basic questions and concerns that the average bettor might encounter before putting money on the outcome of esports. Feel free to contact us with suggestions for additional items to add to our FAQ in Best Arab Casino or if you would like any additional information about the facts and opinions below.

What should I look for in esports betting?

What should I look for in esports betting?

We think there are some basic questions you should ask before choosing an online sports betting site to place your esports bets on:

Can I trust the site?

How good are their prices for esports betting?

What promotional value do they provide?

What type of bets can I place on esports matches?

Can I trust this sports betting site?

Knowing if you can trust this online sports betting site is obtained with a few simple tests.

The first is the regulation test. What jurisdiction has issued the online sports betting site license? You can usually find this information in the footer of the sports betting website’s website. If you’re not familiar with the jurisdiction, do a little research. If players have issues with censored sites, you don’t have to do more than a quick Google search to find them. What are some other websites that licenses jurisdiction? If you already know some of the online gambling brands, where are they licensed?

The second is the social proof test. What do real people say about the site on social media and on review sites? What kind of availability and accessibility does the site offer in terms of social media accounts and customer support? You can generally tell the difference between an active and trusted site just by examining these simple characteristics.

The third is the experience test. Start small at a sports betting site that has passed the first two tests. Make the minimum deposit and place the minimum bet. If you have any questions or problems, ask them to support and gauge the quality and honesty of their answers. If you don’t like anything about your experience, move on. There are dozens of other operators who would be happy to own your business.

How good are esports betting rates?

How good are esports betting rates?

The odds in a particular match will not be the same on every online sports betting site. You’ll want to do some shopping at first to determine which sports bet tends to offer the odds that you think are the most appropriate.

This is a question you should be asking regularly, because markets are dynamic and sports betting sites are regularly getting better (and worse) at predicting certain markets.

What kind of promotional value does a sports betting site offer?

Price is only one part of the equation when it comes to getting the best value esports betting. The sites offer players – especially new players – a variety of upgrades and bonuses that can improve the return you get from playing.

Three of the most important promotional components to be aware of include:

Deposit bonuses.

Free bets.

Cash Back

VIP Program

What Kind of Bets Can I Place in Esports?

At this point in the game, the quality and quantity of bets available on esports vary greatly from one sports betting site to another. The predominant form of betting now is match betting – betting on the outcome of a match or broader event. But some of the leading sports betting sites in the space are testing “live” or “in-play” bets, which are offered bets that are made on the events within the match itself. In-play markets are among the most complex to develop and maintain in traditional esports, and it will likely take some time before robust live betting options for a wide range of esports events will be available on a wide variety of betting sites.

Is esports betting legal?

This is a complex question that is impossible to answer for all users in all situations. The important thing to keep in mind is that you, as a bettor, are subject to the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. If a certain type of sports betting is illegal where you are, the same is likely to apply to betting on esports games.

Who regulates esports betting?

من ينظم المراهنات على الرياضات الإلكترونية؟

There is currently no central esports regulatory body, although there are a number of leagues and entities – such as ESL – that cooperate to varying degrees. With the growth of esports, it is likely that we will see the development of a single and comprehensive organizational structure for the sport, although the global nature of the activity will complicate this undertaking somewhat.

When it comes to regulating bookmakers, the answer varies by operator. Each is regulated by the jurisdiction in which they are located (and may be subject to additional regulations based on the markets they serve). There are a number of well-known licensing centers for online gambling, including the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Isle of Man.

How old do I have to be to bet on esports?

There is no universal answer, as the minimum age for gambling varies by jurisdiction. Sometimes, sites set the minimum age above the local minimum age.

How do I know the matches are fair and at the level?

The issue of fairness in esports betting games is a legitimate and growing issue. There have already been a number of high-profile accusations of match-fixing with esports, including some approaching the sport’s highest levels.

Without some assurance that the game being played is fair, bettors have good reason to risk money on the outcome – even small amounts for social purposes.

There are a few factors that help ensure the fairness of esports betting matches:

The growth of esports prize pools: As more money is at stake to win competitions, the attractiveness of the financial incentive to throw matches diminishes.

Entering Traditional Sports Betting Sites: Anti-fraud is one of the core professions of online betting sites. When they enter the market for esports betting, they bring their great resources and expertise to overcome the problem of match-fixing in esports.

Increased regulation: With the increase in prize pools and bets, comes increased interest and regulation. Both increase the risks associated with match-fixing and reduce the ability of attackers to hide in plain sight.

Similar to traditional sports leagues, esports also has independent commissions to verify fair play. The Esports Integrity Commission was established in 2016 to investigate all cases of fraud, doping and match-fixing. The best ESIC betting sites look for the blurred cases at all levels of esports competition. ESIC’s partnerships include several esports tournament hosts, such as DreamHack, BLAST Pro Series and Electronic Sports League. Government gambling commissions in the Isle of Man, Nevada, and the United Kingdom are also working with ESIC to verify the safety of professional esports matches.

ESIC has imposed bans on the highest level of esports, and the developers are confident in their investigation. The 2020 CS:GO Coach Bug scandal was first exposed by ESIC and resulted in nearly 40 Counter-Strike coaches being banned from playing the sport. These names included coaches for big teams such as FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere and Ninjas in Pajamas. After these coaches were banned from attending any partner events, betting sites and tournament hosts around the world copied the provisions of ESIC.

Traditional sports bettors are particularly concerned with the integrity of online esports. It’s a new form of entertainment, and a lack of physical fitness can make unfair play less noticeable. However, esports matches are on the same level as the NFL or the NBA when it comes to integrity matching. With bigger prize pools and more viewers than ever, there’s plenty of incentive for esports teams to stay upright and narrow. Thanks to the growth of the esports industry and the presence of integrity committees, you can bet on esports with the same confidence as traditional sports betting.

Frequently asked questions about esports betting

How do I deposit to online esports betting?

To bet on esports, you must first register with a reputable online betting site (maybe one of the ones listed above). Then, to make a deposit, simply select the deposit method, enter your details and authorize the transaction.

What sports can I bet on online betting sites?

You can bet on a large number of different esports. Some of the most popular esports betting games include League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, and Overwatch, all of which usually give excellent esports opportunities and markets.

Can I bet on League of Legends?

Yes, you can bet on League of Legends! Many bookmakers offer great odds to bet on esports at League of Legends events. By registering with an esports betting agent via Esports Betting Pro, you get access to exclusive welcome bonuses, as well as other promotions. Read our eSports betting guide to discover more ways to bet on League of Legends.

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