Crazy Time


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Crazy Time is a land-based casino game with a huge spinning wheel of fortune. The dealer turns the wheel at the beginning of each round until it stops and is fixed on one of the slots. Each of the slots has its own winning and winning percentages, and the participant can place a bet on only one slot or more during the same single playing session to increase the chance of winning.

Crazy Time depends only on luck and no Crazy Time Strategy or plans can be followed, so you can choose your bet with the appropriate value for you and then enjoy watching the amazing and unique game show!
The bets can reach high amounts as the Crazy Time game can win up to twenty thousand the value of your bet. That is, you are supposed to

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Crazy Time Slot Overview

CrazyTime Online has a huge wheel divided into 54 boxes and these boxes contain numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) and also offer the following prize rounds and equivalents.

Crazy Time

(Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, Crazy Time)  each box carries its own color award.

At the beginning of each cycle, the dealer rolls the wheel until it is fixed and stops turning to determine the choice and betrayal chosen by someone,

While the wheel stopped on a certain box chosen by the player, he will get to double his bet directly and then start a new round, but if the roller coaster stops and is fixed on one of the prize rounds, the dealer moves to another studio and different the previous ten completely and in which the game casino begins completely.

And even if you don’t bet on the round where the bonus appeared, you can continue to see the offer that the distributor will offer and the financial profits that the lucky winners of this round of play will earn.

How to Play Crazy Time?

The casino’s online site takes you to the live evolution studio where the host offers Crazy Time to all the players you see the studio on your screen. You’ll see betting options at the bottom of the screen. There are eight different types of bets to choose from.

Types of betting

There are eight different types of bets to choose from. First, choose how much you want to play. You can choose one bet, but it is also possible to play more. You’re allowed to play it all.

Wheel rotation

The steering wheel has 54 sections or boxes. Bets are divided into eight parts. There are many parts, but in Crazy Time there is only one part. The betting section of each game is set on one, and if the wheel stops on a piece with this bet, the bet is activated and doubled

Bonus Round

If the wheel stops in a section with a number and you bet on that number, you will win. If the wheel stops at a bonus, the bonus is activated. If you place a bet on this bonus, the bonus will be played. If you haven’t placed a bet on this special bonus, you can only watch it. If the wheel stops at the first place, each winner is paid immediately. If the wheel stops at a bonus, the bonus is played. All winners are paid after playing the bonus. If you win, your profits will be paid immediately to your account and the next game begins.

New multicolored wheel

Next it is immediately explained to us what the new wheel has recently added! It’s multicolored and each color represents a different kind of win you can achieve. Our color is blue and expresses winning twice as much as the material added in the bet, yellow expresses two times, five times pink and ten times purple. All these cash tiles are repeatedly cut by different attribute boxes that players can land for a bonus. Place your bet on the number you think will be proven, and as a reward you win uncertainly. For example, if we bet 10 times as much on the draw, the wheel will give us a 10-fold cash prize if you pull this.

The security and justice of Crazy Time.

By considering the rights of the betting company and the betting site by managing similar security vulnerabilities such as fraud and tactics. We can say the following about Crazy Time tactics, there are no tricks to the game or tactics we can call game tactics .

With the best audited security system, which is constantly updated and kept active by Evolution Gaming, both player security and betting site security profits are fairly granted. There are a thousand and one types of live casino games that can be offered to you by the gaming development company’s infrastructure sites, which have a reliable and powerful structure. Mega Bowl live casino game is one of them.

Types of Betting & Crazy Time Odds

You can choose how much you want while playing and the dealer starts spinning the wheel. There are 54 slots on the spinning wheel. It is divided into chips between 8 bets. You place your bet on the number that you think will land on the wheel and you get it as a prize.

Types of Betting & Crazy Time Odds

You can also bet on one of the four special features that this game offers. You can bet that you win points for each. If you do not bet any bonus, you will not be able to play when you withdraw. If the wheel stops in a space with a number and you bet on that number, you win. If the wheel stops at a bonus, the bonus becomes active. In addition, for the online game Crazy Time Live Casino

Crazy Time Game Show

This game is served in a huge place as a casino-like studio full of great graphics, eye-catching colors, and all the elements of the studio are signed and suitable for play! Even distributors’ clothes are as tidy and wondrous as Alice in Wonderland and DreamWorks movies.

You can spend long hours playing Crazy Time! It combines exciting graphics that pull, and the chances of winning huge amounts of money if you play in a casino with real money, the quality of the show and the design of this game are matched by the quality of international films. Background music and sound effects increase the excitement and enthusiasm of play.

The subscriber has all the features of live casino games such as display quality settings, choosing a suitable shooting angle, connecting with distributors or other players through live chat next to the display, and the possibility to play via smartphone, tablet or computer

Crazy Time FAQ

Where can I play Crazy Time?

You can play Crazy Time on any casino site that contains games from Evolution.

How much can I win in Crazy Time?

The profit in Crazy Time can be as much as 10,000 times, 20,000 times or even 100,000!

How do you play Crazy Time?

Go to the live casino and choose the game. The casino leads you to evolution’s direct studio, the host presents Crazy Time, place your bets, the wheel starts to rotate, the multiplier is selected, the wheel stops rotating and the bonus round is played.

What is the minimum bet at Crazy Time?

The minimum bet in Crazy Time could be $0.10.

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