Lightning Roulette


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Lightning Roulette is a live version of the classic roulette game developed by Evolution gaming.

Which is the most prominent and best developer of live casino games around the world since its launch about 15 years ago.

This game is suitable for all participants with low budgets and participants with large budgets, as the minimum bet starts from only 20 cents to a thousand dollars per round, in addition to that the game is suitable for all levels of players because it has almost the same principles and is close to the principles of The classic standard roulette, and one of the best casinos that offer this game is the site of the best Arabic casino, which includes a group of the best casinos through which you can learn about the casinos that are worth the experience as a casino.

Best Casinos to Play Lightning Roulette

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200% up to $3000
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100% up to $2000
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100% up to €150
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100% up to $500
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250% up to $1،500
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Haz Casino
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100% up to 1000
8 genesiscasino logo
Genesis Casino
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9 22bet logo
22 Bet
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100% up to 122$
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Lighting roulette The basic principles of the game

The game contains 37 slots and the ball can fall into one of these slots. The slots represent the numbers from 1 to 37 and there is the zero slot. The slots are alternately colored red and black.

At the beginning of the game round, the option of the bet board appears on which you can choose the value of your bet with the amount you want, a green bar appears above the board usually indicating that the player can place this bet, if the color of the bar is orange, this indicates that the betting time is close but still It is possible to place a bet quickly before the time is up! If the bar appears red, then the betting has stopped and the ball is about to fall into one of the slots on the spinning wheel.

After the betting period stops, the camera will automatically move to an angle that shows the roulette wheel and you will notice that the wheel has started to spin and then slows down until the ball finally drops and stops in one of the colored and numbered boxes. After that, if the participant’s choice is correct, he will win the bet and be one of the winners, and after a few seconds the ball returns again and the bet is reopened again on the next round.

Lighting roulette Available betting methods in Lightning Roulette

In a real money casino, you can place 10 different types of bets in lightning roulette

  • Even or odd numbers bet.
  • Red or black bet.
  • Small numbers bet (1 to 18) or big numbers (19 to 37).
  • 12 places bet (the first 12 places, the second 12 places, the third 12 places).
  • Column bet (first column, second column or third column).
  • 6 number bet (numbers in two rows).
  • Spring bet (four numbers in the number table square).
  • Street Bet Three numbers in a row
  • double digit bet
  • Straight Bet is the most dangerous type of bet

Each of the above types of bets gives a different percentage of winnings, and the more bets are on the lower slots, the higher the profit percentage and may eventually reach the profit added in tens.

For beginners, one of the easiest and most lucrative types of bets is betting on even or odd numbers, black and red, or small or big numbers. Once the participant understands the gameplay in the game and knows it well, he can choose the most difficult types of bets such as column bets, 12-digit consecutive bets, square bet and other types of professional bets.

Lightning Roulette provides a good feature that serves the customer which is the repeat bet feature that allows the participant to repeat the bet he placed in the previous round. Over time, the subscriber relies on this feature because it increases the speed of the participant in the game and makes it more interesting. It is also possible to modify and customize the quality of the game broadcast and can communicate with the game distributor or even with other players via live chat.

Difference between Standard Roulette and Lightning Roulette

While lightning roulette is very similar to the well-known classic roulette, it has many characteristics and advantages. Its advantage is that it is a fast game, and that is why it is called lightning! It is possible for participants to get a financial profit of multiples and up to 500 times their placed bet, which makes lightning roulette a perfect combination between the classic game and very huge financial winnings!

When the in-game betting mode closes, the wallpaper lights up as a glow in the form of lightning and the betting board also lights up. Before the wheel stops spinning and the ball is fixed in one of the 37 colored number boxes, the lightning glow will reach its full radiance and the lightning can strike up to 5 numbers at a time, and it is not possible to know or guess the numbers that the lightning will strike the player!

After revealing the numbers struck by lightning, the owners also win financial multipliers, which makes it an interesting and interesting feature for subscribers. The multipliers can reach: fifty, a hundred, two hundred, 300, 400 or 500 times.

In order to have the greatest chance of a double win, the participant must place one lower cheek bet on one of the lucky numbers lightning and then wait until the wheel stops spinning to see where the ball is fixed, and if lightning strikes one of the numbers on which the ball is fixed, the bet can be won and doubled ! It is important to mention, that outside bets are only the bets that give the player the right to achieve the double of the bet.

How to win the game of lightning roulette in the live section?

The victory in Lightning Roulette lies in making predictions and making the right predictions. It should be noted that most betting strategies, such as the Martingale strategy, should not be chosen here because they do not work, because the game depends on a particular type of bet. The only way for a subscriber to make a double profit is to place and choose live bets, since you are in a live casino. This means that players are required to pay attention to the types and modes of play that cover integers only.

How to sign up and login to play Lightning Roulette?

The game can be played by applying the following steps:

break the ban

If the customer encounters a site ban problem, he can enter after activating the ban breaker
There are many famous applications around the world regarding breaking the ban
One of the most important applications is
Hotspot shield
One of the well-known ban-breaking programs around the world is available in two versions, one free with limited features and the other paid with unlimited features
Psiphon app
The application can be used to enter and play games comfortably after activating the feature, the application has two paid and free versions as well

sign in

You can log in by choosing one of the casino gaming sites categorized in the main screen and start with a classic login

Frequently Asked Questions About Lightning Roulette

Is it possible to play lightning roulette for free?

Yes, there is definitely a style in the free version of the game that allows the user to play the game for free, especially for new customers on the site

Is playing lightning roulette online legal?

Playing roulette is certainly legal, but it should be noted, however, that the online casino games site is under a ban that is applied through communication companies in many Arab countries. Anyone who plays casino games, gambling and gambling is a sinner, but there are many who wish to enter and try it out. This can be done by activating breaking the applicable ban by activating one of the well-known VPNs

lightning roulette What is lightning roulette?

This game falls under the classic roulette game, but it may differ in some things in terms of the number of rounds and rounds and in terms of many advantages in betting and profit and the advantage of multiplying with the thunder feature, and the multipliers may reach five hundred times

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