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Live Monopoly is the online casino version of the same game we used to play when we were kids. But now it is possible to make money through it and reap profits at the same time.

Try Your Luck With Live Monopoly!

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Monopoly Live History

Monopoly Online was created by the famous game software development company Evolution in conjunction with Hasbro. But this game is exclusive only to Live Evolution. Live Monopoly is similar to another popular live casino game, Dream Catcher Live.

The goal of Monopoly is very simple, the host rotates the wheel of 54 sections and each section contains a nail to slow down its rotation and stop it and the section on which the wheel proves is your profit. Of course, this wheel relies on a random number generator to ensure a fair gamble.

Live Monopoly Features

It is a different kind of Live Monopoly wheel game. It enables players to make a lot of money by

Live Monopoly Features

predicting where the wheel will stop.

There are 54 fields or iso sized sections in the wheel of luck. All fields are separated by pins, slowing down the wheel while rotating. The section at which the indicator stops is the winning number.

Of the 54 fields, 48 are in numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. The remaining six parts are what make Live Monopoly different from other wheels games. They include two opportunity fields, three Rolls 2 fields and a Rolls 4 sector.

When the indicator stops in the opportunity section, players are awarded a cash prize or the double bonus is won. When the pin stops on Rolls 2 or Rolls 4, Mr. Monopoly’s character begins to work.

This is when the bonus game is activated and players watch two dice throw. Live Monopoly walks along the painting in response to the numbers produced by the dice. While doing so, he collects the prizes he has reached.

Live Monopoly is bet online between tours. The minimum and maximum bets are offered by the direct casino operator, but they are generally very comprehensive.

Live Monopoly: Types of Monopoly Betting

Also known as Monopoly Online, there are 6 options to place a bet in Monopoly Online.

image 14

If you place your bet on 2 rolls or 4 Rolls and set the wheel on one of them, you can take part in the reward tour.

How to play Live Monopoly

The minimum bet is $0.1 and the maximum is $1000. Monopoly has six options for betting. There are 4 different numbers to bet on and 2 different bonuses.

Wheel rotation

The host rotates the wheel at Live Monopoly. All bets are off for a few seconds. You have 12 seconds to put your bets in the game and then the wheel stops after turning at a certain number. If the wheel stops and the fin points to a number and you place a bet on that number, your bet will be hit in the number. You’ll also receive your initial bet.

Bonus Tour

The wheel may stop in a bonus game, if the wheel stops at one of the rewards, the reward becomes active. If you place a bet on the active bonus, you will participate, otherwise you will be a spectator.

Roll the dice.

When the wheel stops at the bonus the bonus game begins. Mr. Monopoly‘s character can choose some complications before throwing the dice. The dice are rolled and Mr. Monopoly steps on the blackboard equal to the total dice. If a double is thrown, an extra throw is added.

Best Monopoly Live Strategy

mr monopoly

The best Arab casino site offers you five of the most important tips and tricks for monopoly online

FAQ Live Monopoly

How do you play Live Monopoly?

Monopoly casino game rules are simple. Basically, all you have to do is place your bet and rotate the wheel. Like a wheel of luck, the goal is to predict the part where the wheel will stop. If you guess correctly, you’ll win the bet.

How long does it take for Live Monopoly Casino to pay?

The Live Monopoly platform processes withdrawals within 24 hours and the amount is added to the player’s account within 2-3 business days.

Do people play Live Monopoly in the casino?

Live Monopoly online can be played in the casino, depending on the circumstances. Although many people play the game for fun only, some play it as a way to gamble and make profits.

Where can I play Live Monopoly with real money?

You can play Monopoly with real money at online casino sites such as Betfinal, Betway…

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