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Roulette was created in the 18th century AD in France and then spread to other European and American countries.

Online Roulette is one of the most popular and attractive real-time casino games for players because it is classified as an easy-to-learn game.

With the advent of online casinos, roulette has spread more and is receiving attention from players, both beginners and professionals. And it is very popular in different Arab countries

It has been added to live casino games so you can play during a live broadcast on the casino site at Arab Casino

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Online Roulette: American Roulette

American Roulette, which has numbers from 0 to 36 and has one addition to double zero, a total of 38

The American is different from the European by designing the wheel to which a hole has been added for double zero.

The most famous are in real casinos or online casinos, although the odds of winning them are lower than European roulette.

Online Roulette: European Roulette

European roulette contains numbers from 0 to 36 for a total of 37

  European roulette is similar to French roulette in the number of boxes but differs in some of the rules and features in both.

  The odds of winning and profits in European roulette are higher than the American and the French

Online Roulette: French Roulette

It’s the original roulette because basically roulette is French, and the meaning of the word “roulette” in French is the little wheel.

It consists of 37 boxes from 0 to 36. This roulette is characterized by the fact that the odds of winning it are higher than all other types and offers features that do not exist in the rest of the roulette that allow players to recover half the bet, for example.

online roulette types

Online Roulette: Arab Roulette

Arabian Roulette is a popular live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. It’s called Roulette Arab because it’s really Arab roulette. Enjoy a Middle East-inspired design and Aladdin style. And, of course, I guessed! Direct distributors from the Middle East are professional and well-trained in Arab civilization. It’s a 100 percent Arabic casino Roulette game. No percentage of the way they play is no different from a French roulette, and Arabic roulette is also made up of numbers 1 to 36 and 0.

Inside Bets in Online Roulette

 Roulette’s  internal bets are defined as any bets made on the same numbers, which are displayed within the betting area on the roulette table:

A direct bet is to place a bet on number one and the return for the winning number is 36 to 1.

It is to bet that the ball will fall on one of two numbers next to each other, i.e. put the chips on the line between the two numbers. The return for the winning number is 17 to 1 .

Considering that the roulette wheel consists of 12 rows each consisting of 3 numbers, the player can bet on one row, which is called street proof and the return here is 12 to 1

It is betting and putting chips on the corners of the four-digit area, that the return of the corner bet pays 8 to 1 for the winning number.

It is just like a corner bet, where the player can place his bet on two rows of numbers, and the return for the winning number is 5 to 1 .

Online Roulette Betting Types

  • Outside Bets

These are bets made on numbers outside the roulette table plate and allow the player to bet on several sets of numbers.

  • High/Low Bets

It is considered an easy bet as it depends on the expectation by the player that the winning number will be between 1-18 (low) or 19-36 (high) and includes most roulette tables at a minimum for this bet, the winning bet return is 2 to 1.

  • Red/Black Bets

This bet is in the pattern of the low-high bet but on the color of the number, where the player can bet on the winning color “black-red” and the return of the winning bet is 2 to 1 .

  • Odd/Even Bets

Which is to bet that the winning number will be either individually or evenly and the rate of return is 1 to 1.

  • Dozen Bet

It’s one of the most dangerous bets where a player can bet on numbers in the dozens, 1-12 and 13-24.

Or 25-36, and if you win, the return rate is 2-1.

  • Column Bet

Roulette is divided into 12 three-digit rows, but if we look at it from the other angle, it can also be divided into columns

12 numbers. You can bet on each of these columns and get a return of 3 to 1 to win this bet as well.

How are strategies applied in Online Roulette?

There are five strategies adopted to ensure the most prominent chances of winning the Roulette Casino game:

Martingal Strategy

The principle of the martingal method strategy depends on doubling the player’s bet after losing the bet in order to compensate for his previous losses and make some profit .
That is, if the player puts his bet on only one color and then continues to double the bet until he wins, he will recover the losses provided he continues to double the losing bets.

Reverse Martingal

The name shows that the way roulette is played here is the opposite of Martingal’s strategy, instead of raising the bet when you lose, the goal is to increase it when you win and reduce it when you lose.
The reverse martingal has some negatives and the player has to be careful in this strategy so it is not necessarily that winning one color for consecutive times means that the other color is the winner in the next round.

Dalimpert Strategy

The betting method in this strategy depends on increasing or reducing single-digit bets that are safer to bet than multiply.
The preferred strategy for roulette players looking for safety while playing is safer than basic and reverse martingal strategy

James Bond Strategy

It was created by English author Ian Fleming and naval intelligence officer, who is also one of the most famous James Bond characters. This strategy depends on the fact that the player needs a minimum of $200 to be able to start playing and betting

Fibonacci Strategy

It is a mathematical method first invented by an Italian mathematician named Ionardol Pisa, known as Fibutachi, who wrote about a series of numbers that had existed since the 12th century AD and called Fibutachi .
The concept depends on the fact that each number after the first two numbers is the sum of the previous two numbers :
1,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 / So the way it is used as a betting strategy in roulette by adding the last two bets together so that the player can make a profit even if he has lost more games that he has won .

Best Roulette Numbers

A lot of players at Online Roulette or Roulette Casino believe in lucky numbers, for example, some may choose numbers that mean them, such as a date of birth or a certain anniversary, but the truth of all this is myths.

Roulette. Roulette Casino is based solely on luck and only for example Roulette online casino has a random number generator to ensure the fairness of the game and there is no specific order or regularity for any hole where the ball will fall.

Online Roulette in the real casino

Online Roulette in the real casino depends on the player placing his bet either on a number or on consecutive numbers .

The distributor rolls the wheel in the direction of the ball in the opposite direction in order to determine the number and color of the winners. The speed of the ball and the wheel slows gradually to finally settle on a number of 37 in European roulette or 38 in the U.S. Roulin, to announce the distributor’s number and the winning bet .

Online Roulette guide

Online Roulette Game Formats

  • Multi-wheel roulette

It is a type of roulette also called golden roulette and the player can bet on several wheels of roulette that may number up to eight wheels.

  • Speed Roulette

Fast roulette is strikingly different from traditional, with electronic screens placed around the real roulette table so players can place their bets without having to use real casino chips.

  • Mini Roulette

It is the mini version of basic roulette mini Roulette  is played using a wheel consisting of 13 numbers, also including numbers from 1 to 12 plus zero one.

  • Double ball roulette

Online Roulette is played as a double ball as a regular roulette but with an important difference which is the use of two balls instead of one ball where the two balls are fired through a remote control preventing them from colliding with each other .

Live Roulette

Roulette strategies

Live roulette is played in the live casino via a camera through which the distributor is communicated in the real casino through a live broadcast and is bet as in regular roulette or online sites but in direct communication moment by moment .

Live Roulette is popular with players because it enables them to follow the game and gives them a sense of enthusiasm and security .

Online Roulette FAQ

What are the features of Online Roulette?

Online Roulette has many advantages, including that it is easy to learn and play, what a player can play at any time and from anywhere like any online casino game .
A player in roulette can choose the bets that suit him and the casinos he finds suitable by searching for good positions while in place. It can also control the pace and style of play in roulette .
Only he must be careful in choosing the location of the casino and be sure of his credibility and possession of the license so that he does not have any problems later from hacking his personal information or stealing his money .

Is Online Roulette safe and legal?

If you choose a well-known and trusted casino, playing any Online Roulette game is completely safe.

What is the best way to learn Online Roulette?

The best way to learn online roulette is to read articles about how to play it, but the most important way to play it for free is because many online casinos have an “experience” style without risking your money.

Where do I play Online Roulette with real money?

Just choose a trusted online casino and sign up and deposit and you can play Roulette with real hope.

Is Online Roulette Fair?

If the casino is licensed and audited by eCOGRA, we certainly enjoy a fair Online Roulette line game.

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