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Over the past 10 years, The Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Erbil has expanded considerably to compete with Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait and other Arab cities, and has a special status within Iraq, enabling it to gain special popularity among tourists from all over the world. Erbil has a lot of hotels, parks, archaeological places and casinos, and in this guide we will discuss how to play and get profit from Erbil Casino.

Best Erbil Casino Online Sites

awardOur Pick Of Top Casinos - May 2022
1 betfinal-logo
200% up to €1350
200% up to €1350
2 betway-logo
100% up to $2000
100% up to $2000
3 rabona-casino-logo
100% up to 500$ + 200FS
100% up to 500$ + 200FS
4 1xbet-logo
100% up to €150
100% up to €150
5 yyy-casino
YYY Casino
100% up to $500
100% up to $500
6 888-logo
250% up to $1،500
250% up to $1،500
7 hazcasino logo
Haz Casino
100% up to 1000
100% up to 1000
8 genesiscasino logo
Genesis Casino
100% up to 300
9 22bet logo
22 Bet
100% up to 122$
100% up to 122$
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Although there are plenty of online casinos, Erbil Casino must mainly support the Kurdish language, accept iraqi-based players and offer them a lot of offers! The casino where these qualities are available is Betfinal.

Payment Methods in Erbil Casino Online

Erbil-based players can use a lot of financial means at online casinos such as Visa and MasterCard, as well as local financial means such as Nas Bay and FastBay.

What games are available in Iraqi Kurdistan casinos?

Kurdistan Casinos of Iraq offers all gaming options without exception! You can enjoy slots, poker, bakara, roulette and BlackJack, as well as live casino games.

What is the difference between the traditional Erbil casino and internet casinos?

What is the difference between the traditional Erbil casino and internet casinos?

In the 1990s, online casinos were created to offer players around the world a full gambling experience that they could easily enjoy at home without having to go to a traditional casino!

Over the next two decades, the industry has evolved significantly thanks to a range of technological developments such as frequent internet use, the development of gaming technologies, which has given developers the opportunity to offer HTML5 games, and gaming companies have introduced live games that are transferred from real studios or casinos to your smartphone or tablet!

In addition to these great features, Erbil Online Casino has two main features: the first is that it keeps your personal and financial data as secure as possible, and the second feature is that it is very flexible and you can easily enjoy the games it offers on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How to subscribe to Erbil Casino Online?

You can subscribe to Erbil Casino Online by applying the following steps:

Step 1 | Casino Selection

Choose one of the trusted casinos we nominate for you on our website (best Arab casino).

Step 2 | Sign up

Access the casino page and click on the (registration) link, which will open the registration page asking you to enter some personal data such as name, email and password so you can create your account.

Step 3 | Account Activation

The activation link will be sent to your email and you must click on it to activate your account.

Step 4 | Determining the Payment Method

You will then go to the deposit page from which you can select your preferred bank method, and then determine the value of the transaction, and approve it.

Step 5 | Welcome Bonus

You will receive your welcome bonus that gives you more chances of winning and winning!
Now you can start playing!

Safety and Trust in the Best Casino Erbil Online

Internet casinos carry the licenses of various committees and legal entities such as:

In addition, Erbil Casino protects its players’ financial and personal data with SSL and TSL  protocols to protect players’ personal and financial data from hacking or spying.


The Kurdistan region of Iraq contains many tourist attractions, notably the Citadel of Erbil, which was built 5,000 years ago BC, and was dominated by many civilizations such as Assyrian, Parisian, Sulauk and Sassanid, and then became part of the Umayyad and Abbasid state and then the Ottoman Empire, and this castle is the center of the Kurdistan region.

This castle has many museums including the Gem Museum, the Textile Museum and the Gem Museum. The area around this castle has plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops, the most famous of which is the historic 19th-century citadel market, which has a great design similar to other Arab markets in Aleppo, Baghdad and Cairo and tourists can buy a lot of gifts from it to their loved ones and relatives!

Although Iraq’s Kurdistan region enjoys relative independence and is tourist-friendly, gambling is strictly forbidden, just as in the rest of Iraq! There have been many raids in which the police have succeeded in arresting people who were gambling in public or private facilities and have been punished up to prison terms and fines.

Quite the contrary, gambling on casino games and betting on sports online is completely safe, and Iraqi law has not provided for the punishment of people who bet on internet casino games, nor has there ever been an incident in which people were arrested for playing on their phones! In other words, gambling at an online casino in Erbil is the only solution to enjoy gambling safely in Erbil in particular and enjoy the experience of The Iraq Casino in general.


What options does Erbil Casino offer?

At Erbil Casino you will find all the games you can enjoy in traditional casinos! You can find slots online, poker, blackjack and baccarat games. In addition to live casino games that are transferred from real casinos. You can bet on these games with a bet limit of only $0.50/per session, and you can also enjoy games for free before placing real financial bets on them to learn the rules and practice basic skills and strategies before risking real money!

How do you make your deposits and withdrawals at Erbil Casino?

The deposit and withdrawal methods you can use at online casino in Erbil Iraq vary depending on the location you subscribed to, but in general there are 4 financial means supported by Kurdistan Casinos Iraq as follows:

In our opinion, Betfinal casino is absolutely the best for Kurdish and Iraqi players in general! Besides Arabic and Kurdish language support, 24/7 customer service, plenty of betting options and casino games, it also supports Kurdish financial instruments such as FastPay wallet and NassPay.

Erbil Casino FAQ

كازينو اربيل

Is there an Erbil casino?

Although gambling in all its forms is forbidden in Iraq as it is an Islamic country, some casinos can be found there and in Erbil, but be aware that it is illegal.

Is gambling in Erbil legitimate?

Iraq is an Islamic country, so all forms of gambling are forbidden. But you can play at Erbil Casino Online by using a vpn virtual network

Can I use the Iraqi dinar at Erbil Casino?

Unfortunately, local currency cannot be used in Erbil Casino Online, but alternative currencies such as the US dollar or the euro can be used.

How can I play Erbil Casino Games online?

First, choose a virtual private network, then choose a secure and trusted online casino and choose payment methods that protect your identity such as Zain Cash or Nas Pay.

Is gambling safe at Erbil Casino Online?

If you take care, yes, gambling in Erbil Casino Online is safe. Just choose a secure casino and payment method that protects your confidentiality such as electronic wallets or cryptocurrencies and use THE VPN to hide your device’s location.

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