Camel Racing Betting


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‎Camel racing betting has existed since ancient times, dating back to the 17th century AD and then it spread very quickly, especially in the Arab countries. ‎
‎Camels were used in the past as a means of transportation in the region of the Arabian Peninsula, races were then a popular sport practiced by the region’s inhabitants at festivals and celebrations. But after the spread of technology, the sport has taken on another dimension through sports betting sites and has become very popular in the Arab countries and Asia.‎

Best Camel Racing Betting Sites

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Camel racing:‎

‎camel was known as a special means of transport for long slow journeys, but surprisingly, which many do not know is his speed in the race where he can maintain a speed of 40 km/h and a speed of 65 km/h in short races‎.

‎These races are held in a race track that is very similar to horse racing track, but the jockey in camel racing is a light-weight robot and the Arab countries consider camels to be a combination of culture and sports. ‎

Racing Camels Specifications

‎The camels participating in the race are characterized by the original camels of Arab breeds and have their own qualities such as‎:
‎The ability to run fast in addition to their shape where they have one hump and a long neck as racing camel is known for its slim body, agility, great stamina and speed in responding to training‎.

‎The type of camels involved, their age and the duration of the race must be determined, and the age of camels participating in each race must be equal to achieve equality.‎

Online Camel Racing Betting

‎Camel racing is a big sport event in many countries and has undergone a lot of changes over the years where camels racing watching and betting has been limited to countries where it has a hotter climate. But with the entry of camel racing into the world of online sports betting sites, this field has become available to everyone at any time, as these sites include a lot of betting options that the player may find at the beginning a little confusing, but it is easy to learn and know their steps.

Actual Camel Racing Betting


Preparation for camel races on the ground begins with the preparation of a race track that is the same as that prepared for horse racing. ‎
‎The race begins with camels lining up on the starting line and a “rider” robot is placed on the back of a camel controlled from afar at a light weight of no more than 3 or 4 kg.‎

‎The camel race has two types: long race, which has a camel speed of 40 miles per hour, and a short race with a camel speed of 65 miles per hour.‎

‎Camels are trained in racing by a person called “Al-Madmar”, who tames them and trains them through four stages: tame- shaded – camel riding to tame him and the fourth stage camel training on fast running‎.

Online Camel Racing Betting

‎There is no big difference between the normal bets and online betting for camel racing except the place, the bets that take place through online sites are on the real races that take place on the ground and that is why these races are not available permanently except when the official races that take place in the Arab gulf states are often held. ‎
The betting takes place via the live broadcast of the race for the players participating in the site who have their own accounts and of course with the financial deposit that allows them to participate in the site’s bets in general.‎

The player can watch the live broadcast of the race via a mobile device or a laptop. It is important for the player to be well acquainted with the details of camel racing and the bets related to it, as it is one of the types of bets that bring a large financial return to bettors, which may sometimes reach a million dollars.

Camel Racetrack Specs

‎The camel racetrack is equipped with several things to facilitate the the race watching experience and its details, where live broadcast devices are placed to facilitate the monitoring of the race and the events taking place from the starting line to the finish line. ‎
‎These devices are responsible for judging the race and announcing the results of the winning camels. There are also cars with highly sophisticated live transmitters dedicated to follow camels in the long distance of the race. ‎
‎As for the shape of the track, it may be oval, circular or longitudinal and the race continues for one session in a circuit ranging from 8 km to 23 km for the long race.‎

Camel Racing Betting in Arab Countries‎:


‎Arab countries such as the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar pay close attention to camel racing and consider it a heritage that is keen to preserve it and protect it from vanishing.‎

‎The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that has paid great attention to camel racing and the government has provided full support to it, as it is an important heritage sport associated with ancestors and tribal customs and traditions. ‎
‎Camel races were once limited to the tribe or family level, especially on holidays and events. However, they are held annually as official races and tournaments that are prepared to the fullest and with all possible preparations, where they are held in various Emirates and the aim is to preserve the heritage and remind young people of the sport of ancestors.‎

‎Camel racing is also getting great attention from some countries of the world, such as Germany and Australia, where organized races are held by governments there.‎

‎Terms & Penalties for Camel Racing Betting Offences‎

‎Camel racing, like any race, is subject to specific laws and conditions, if it is exceeded, some‎
‎penalties are applied, and if prohibited substances are seized in camels through pre-race examination, they will be denied participation in the race for this race and from the upcoming races for six months. ‎
‎with a fine of at least 50,000 Dirhams‎.

‎The more frequent the irregularities, the more severe the penalties and fines, which may sometimes amount to depriving camels of participation in the race for a whole year. and depriving the owner of all the prizes.‎

How Camel Racing Betting Works

‎The player initially chooses one of the camel races held in any of the Arab countries, Saudi Arabia, the UAE or Kuwait and then places his bet on it.‎


‎The value of profits in camel racing betting depends on the result achieved by camels in the race, for example when the player bets $100, if camels achieve a ranking in the top three, the bettor wins a certain percentage of the bet.‎

‎The first place will win, for example, 50% of the bet amount and the second place 30%, while the third place may win the equivalent of $20. ‎
‎if camels lose the top three, the player loses the full value of the camel race bet.‎

Types of Camel Race Betting

Below are 4 common markets for camel race betting compiled by our experts here at best Arab casino:

Race Winner

It is as simple as it sounds, betting on the race winner means betting on the camel that will finish in the first place and cross the line first among the other camels. For example, you bet on camel number 3 to win the race. You placed $100 dollars at the odds of 4. If Camel number 3 finishes 1st place, then you will win $400 (it includes your stake). However, if camel number 3 finishes 2nd. You will lose your money.


Let’s assume that there are 8 camels racing numbered from 1 to 8. You can bet on a camel with an even number (2,4,6,8) to win the race or on a camel with an odd number (1,3,5,7).

For example, if you bet $100 dollars on a camel with an even number to win the race with the odds of 2.0. If camel number 2 for example wins, then you receive $200 (including your stake)


Exacta bets mean betting on which camels will finish 1st and 2nd place.

Exacta has 2 Sub-categories:

  1. Straight Exacta: Select the exact camel that will finish 1st and the exact camel that will finish 2nd.
  2. Exacta Box: It is more flexible than straight Exacta, it allows you to select multiple camels for each position. Exacta Box is more costly and risky than straight Exacta.


Trifecta, like the name suggests, tri, as in three, you bet on camels that will finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Trifecta also has 2 sub-categories:

  1. Straight Trifecta: Select one exact camel to finish 1st, another exact camel to finish 2nd, and another exact camel to finish 3rd.
  2. Boxed Trifecta: It is more flexible and more costly of course, Boxed Trifecta allows you to select multiple camels for each position.

Choosing the Best Camel Racing Betting Sites

‎What distinguishes the betting of camel racing online is that any player can participate in it from anywhere, as that the player should only has an internet connection and it is important for any player to take into account the availability of certain things before choosing the betting site including: ‎


‎Camel racing betting sites license, it is necessary for the player to make sure that the betting site he wishes to register and bet through has a legal license to ensure the protection of his personal information and to avoid any fraud.‎


‎The profits offered by camel racing betting as it varies from site to another and it is good to look for a site that offers a high percentage of profits and financial returns when winning.‎

Sports Selection

‎The various sports included in the camel racing betting site, what matters to the player is to find a betting site that includes as many sports, races and of course camel racing as well and if it provides coverage and live broadcast of this event.‎

Payment Options

‎Multiple options for deposit and withdrawal, i.e. to ensure that there are at least two options for financial dealing that correspond to the country in which the player resides in order to facilitate deposit and withdraw profits and to avoid delays and obstacles that may arise later.‎

Customer Support

‎The support section available on the camel racing betting site, which must be available to answer the player’s queries and questions 24/7 and in several languages, the high-level sites have a support department service and are characterized by their speed of answering.‎

Best Betting Sites that Offer Camel Racing Betting

camel racing betting racetrack

‎Camel racing betting is one of the least popular sports because it is known only in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Yemen, so you won’t find it available on a lot of websites.

However, the best global and Arabic betting sites like Betfinal do offer Camel Racing Betting.

‎How to choose between the best camel betting sites?‎

‎In fact, there are few camel racing betting sites online since the sport is not widely available around the world like football or horse racing! However, camel betting sites that are interested in the Arab market support the sport such as Betfinal. This site offers you competitive odds on camel racing betting and other sports in both domestic and international tournaments.‎

‎Why camel racing betting?‎

‎Camel racing betting is very popular in the Arab world. In general, talented Arabs are proficient in how to bet in camel racing. Online camel racing bets are no different from direct camel racing except for the different place factor. That’s why anyone with even a general idea of how to bet on camel racing can easily excel in betting on camel racing online. It is also important to note that what makes camel racing a favorite in most Arab countries is their natural passion for camels for centuries. It is no coincidence that the proportions of camel racing bets in the Arabs are constantly rising every day.‎

Camel Racing Betting FAQ

Is camel racing betting safe?

Yes, of course camel racing betting is safe, but you should make sure that the betting site is licensed and reliable, and it is also important to check the available payment methods and the support section.

‎Are there sites that offer camel racing betting online?‎

‎Although camel racing betting is not very popular outside the Arab countries, there are some premium sites that offer players the possibility to bet camel racing such as Betfinal.‎

Is camel racing betting profitable?

‎Yes, camel racing betting is characterized by large betting profits, which can sometimes reach nearly a million dollars, and in general the percentage of profits in camel betting is large compared to other races. ‎

‎How to bet on camel racing online?‎

‎You can bet on camel races easily by selecting the race, then choosing the probability of betting, then determining the financial value and placing your bet directly.‎

, By bestarabcasino