Types Of Football Betting


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Many sports bettors believe that there is only one type of football betting out there, expecting the outcome of the game! but this is not true as there are a lot of football betting kinds, and each site offers a lot of different options for its players that go beyond the expectation of the result of the game and cover a lot of different details, and in this guide, we will explain the most important types of betting in football.‎

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‎Best Football Betting Site:‎

‎If you want to subscribe to the best Arab casino football betting site, register at Betfinal! It supports all local and international tournaments and leagues, offers sports bettors very high-profit prospects, and accepts Arab players.‎

‎The Most Important Rewards Offered By a Betting Site‎s:

Average Earnings Can Be Made From Betting In Football‎

The average profit you can get from any betting site ranges from 5% to 50% at most. if you want to get the highest possible profits, you can place cumulative bets‎.

‎How Do I Place a FootBall Bet?‎

‎In order to be able to place‎ a sports bet, all you have to do is the following steps:

‎How To Read The Odds Of Betting In Football?‎

There are three basic formulas for betting‎ possibilities in football:‎

‎Decimal Possibilities

These possibilities are written as follows: 5.00 or 2.50. to know how much profit you’ll get, multiply your bet value x the probability value. ‎

‎ ‎‎Fractional Possibilities

These possibilities are written as follows 3/2 or 1/2. in order to know the value of your profit from this bet, multiply the value of your bet x the probability value as well. ‎

‎American Possibilities

They are written differently so that players can easily read them without using a calculator, and the American odds are written as follows (+100, -200). the positive mark indicates a probability of low chances of achieving, while the negative mark indicates a high probability of having significant opportunities. the number shows the number of your potential gains if you bet $100. ‎
‎bettors can switch between different betting formats as desired.‎

Types Of Football Betting ما-هي-أفضل-استراتيجية-المراهنات-في-كرة-القدم

‎What Is The Best Betting Strategy In Football bet?‎

The best strategy you can follow to make a profit from a football betting site is to stick to a specific budget, bet on the teams you have the most information about, and you should always look for the best football betting site that offers you the highest chances of winning. by registering on more than one site, you will not only get the best odds, but you will also get more rewards and promotions. ‎

‎before we get to know the different types of betting in football you need to know a very important rule that the level of profit is in reverse with the level of probabilities! that is, if the bet offers you a big profit, it means it will put your money on the line, but if it offers low profits, the chances of it being achieved are high.‎

1. Match Result

It is the easiest type of football betting as you are asked to select from 3 results (Away team win, Home win, draw).‎

‎This bet doesn’t ask you to select any additional variable such as the number of goals, the timing of scoring goals, or the players who will score them;‎

‎The odds of winning in this bet are based on the nature of your choice and the type of game you bet on. For example, if there is a match between Germany and Britain, the German team may be the (Favorite) while the England team will be the (Underdog), in which case the bet on the German team’s victory will offer fewer profits, while the bet on the England team will offer greater profits because the chances of achieving this expectation are low.‎

 football betting ما-هي-أفضل-استراتيجية-المراهنات-في-كرة-القدم

2. Double Chance

‎This football bet is similar to the previous type, and the main difference between the two types is that double chance covers two out of three results, while Moneyline only covers one result.‎

‎for example, if Real Madrid Faces Barcelona in La Liga, the double chance bet will be the best bet in football in this case where you can determine, for example, Real Madrid’s victory or draw. so you’ll get more chances of winning but with lower profits!‎

3. Asian Handicap

‎Asian Handicap’s bet includes predicting a team to win and predicting how many goals this team will also score. for example, if the Egyptian team faces Cameroon in the African cup of nations, and you have an expectation that the Pharaohs will win this match, you can place the Asian Handicap bet and set it at -2.0 and in this way you will win your proof if the Egyptians win the game by two goals or more. this bet allows you to add more difficulty to your expectation of higher profits, and is considered one of the best bets in football, especially if you put it on the right matches!‎

4. Correct Score Betting

‎As can be seen from the name, this bet asks you to expect the right result for the match, you are here not only determining the winning team but also the number of goals they will score and the number of goals they will receive. like 2-1, 1-0 or 3-2.‎

‎Although difficult, this bet gives winners much higher profits than previous types. This bet may be suitable for matches where there is a big difference in level between the two teams.‎

5. Goal Scorer Markets

كيف يُمكنني وضع الرهان الرياضي

‎You’ll find this bet on every global betting site, and it asks you to expect players who will score goals. this bet does not ask you to specify when to score goals, who will score the first goal, and who will score the last goal, but all you have to do is name the player you expect to score one or more goals in the game. This bet can be appropriate when placed on teams with influential players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah.‎

6. Score Cast

‎A score cast bet is one of the great options that allow you to earn great profits! in this bet you have to expect the right result and the player who will score the first goal. in order to win this bet, both expectations you have set must be met.‎

7. Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

‎Players choose this bet when they believe that both teams will score goals during the game, and this bet does not require the determination of the winning team or the outcome of the match, but only asks you to expect whether the match will see goals from both sides or not, and this bet can be the best type of betting in football if the match between two teams has high offensive capabilities and medium or low defensive capabilities.‎

8. Over /Under

‎Also in this bet, you are not asked to expect the winning team, or the players who will score goals. all you have to do is determine the average goals to be scored in the game, the number of yellow or red cards that the referee will make known, or the number of corner strikes. for example, you can select the average number of goals scored in the game as +2, so you have both teams scored two or more goals then you will win your bet.‎

أهم أنواع المراهنات في كرة القدم

9.Half time/Full time

‎In the half-time/full-time bet, you expect the team to win in 45 minutes or within 90 minutes, and this bet is very similar to the bet of the result of the game‎.

‎It’s very similar to the “match result” bet we mentioned earlier. the main difference is that you expect the winner of the first half and the winner of the game as a whole as well. for example, you can select the same team to win the first half and the game, or select the host team to win the first half and select the host team to win the game.‎

‎By betting on a double score, you will get a greater chance of winning than the bets in football where the result of the match is determined directly.‎

10. Specials

‎This type includes a set of very accurate football bets that cannot be easily expected, yet offer the winners huge profits! for example, special bets ask you to determine how the host team player will score the first goal. will he score with a header? or his right foot? or the left? or select players who will receive red cards, or players who will score a penalty. in addition to the number of shots on the goal, the number of infiltration times, the number of mistakes of the teams, and what will happen in the 60th minute of the match!‎

‎Conclusion About Types Of Football Betting

‎In this article, we have provided you with all the bets in football that you can find on any site we nominate for you on our website. in the end, we recommend that you choose your bets carefully, and choose a variety of matches from different leagues and on different days as well. The more games you bet on, the greater the odds of profit you’ll get. Always remember that betting is easy but winning is difficult!‎

Global Betting Site‎

‎In addition to the different types of sports bets, especially with regard to differences in football betting, it is important to emphasize the fact that they relate to a global betting site. ‎
‎The international betting website in the Arab world indicates that all possible national and international teams and tournaments have the potential to bet on football. thus, every player from the Arab world is able to connect to the best global betting site and enjoy various options for sports betting and football betting easily. thanks to the internet and various technological devices, everyone is likely to choose their best team from all over the world and bet on it in different ways as described above. ‎

‎ FAQs About FootBall Betting

‎What Is The Safest Type Of Betting In Football?

The safest type of betting in football is match result betting, and this bet asks you to determine the outcome of the match only without anything extra.‎

What Is The Best Bet I Can Place?

No bet is better than another! But the type of bet is determined based on the match itself. For example, If you want to bet on a very competitive match you can place a Both Teams To Score (BTTS), But if you are going to a semi-final match in favour of one of the two teams, you can place a half time/full-time bet in which case it will be the best bet in football.‎

‎Can I Bet a Player Scoring One Or More Goals?

Yes, You can bet on a player scoring one or more goals through special bets or half-time/full-time.‎

Are Pre-Bets Better Or Direct Bets?

If you prefer to collect a lot of information about the game, the pre-bets may be better for you, while if you prefer to enjoy watching the game and betting on it at the same time, live football bets will be better for you.‎

‎What Is The Cumulative Bet?

The cumulative bet is a voucher that collects several bets on different matches, and if you win all the bets included in this voucher you will get a huge profit, while if you don’t win only one bet you will lose the value of your whole bet.‎

Can I Bet Using My SmartPhone?

You can easily bet using your smartphone at any of the football betting sites we nominate for you on our website!‎

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