Handball Betting


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‎How to learn to bet on handball online‎:

‎Handball is a very popular sport in Europe and is growing in popularity around the world. When it comes to how handball bets, you have many options in bets, but also what tournaments and events you can bet on. With handball, you’ll find many bets for them on some of the best online sports betting sites today, and many not only have the odds of betting on handball, but also have tips on betting on handball. In this online handball betting guide, you can see all the options available to you in terms of online handball betting tips.‎

Best Handball Betting Sites

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‎Online handball bets:‎

مراهنات كرة اليد على الإنترنت

‎Looking for the best place to bet on handball from all over the world? Well, don’t look any further than this site because we have all the major local tournaments as well as the biggest international competitions. We have major leagues such as Bundesliga, Liga Asobal, major club competitions such as the Champions League, the EHF Cup and major international tournaments such as the Olympics, European Championships and world championships! Our site is always at the heart of the event and the right place to overcome handball possibilities. Betting on the best matches there are plenty of markets available for handball including great odds on total points, handicaps, half-time, and winning bets in all games every week! We also have the most important clashes directly on the website, which you can check once you know if there is a small black play button next to the event in the live betting section! The types of handball bets for each game, our page offers you the latest possibilities. Whether you are betting on the outright winner of the tournament or choosing the winner of the match through our bilateral or triple bets. You can bet on disability, the final total between the two teams individually or evenly, whether more goals will be scored in the first or second half and more! Whatever handball tournament you follow, you’ll find a wide variety of exciting betting options to choose from!‎

‎Betting on handball – Basics‎:

‎Handball has a rich heritage and has gradually evolved over the past century from an outdoor sport to a modern interior. this transition enabled the game to become faster and more dynamic, while the indoor stadiums provided a more intense atmosphere – this progress increased the betting population on handball. Handball includes two teams of seven players – six players and one in goal – playing in an indoor 40m × 20m, halves for 30 minutes. the goal is to score more goals than the opponent by throwing a ball at the goal. It’s like basketball in the way players use their hands to move the ball and dodge in a similar way. There are also similarities to rugby where players are allowed to use force to stop the striker, provided there is contact from the front. play is stopped and then restarted by the attacking team when the defender stops the attacker. scoring patterns mean that handball is closer in structure to basketball than to football. this is important from a handball betting perspective because it knows the approach that bettors should take. the game is very smooth with unlimited and continuous replacements. as a result, scoring tends to happen in groups where teams focus on attack, try to build momentum and progress, and then enhance that progress with defensive periods – effective teams succeed at both stages during the duration of the game. after learning the basics of how handball works, you can start to understand how to bet on handball.‎

‎Handball bets‎:

‎When you learn how to bet on handball, you need to know the bets available, where there are quite a few. the most common handball bets are match bets and totals. In betting matches, you bet on a particular team to win the game, and in total, you bet on the number or less goals scored in the game.‎

‎In handball, there are two halves, which leads to many betting options. you can bet on totals per run and any team will be in the lead or if the half ends in a draw. bets are available on handball games for players and teams. usually, the bigger the league or event, such as the world cup, the more bets are available.‎

‎There are also handball futures and deals, and for bonuses, they are multiple bets in one, so you can bet on two teams to win one bet with strong compensation. betting on futures is exactly what the name suggests, because you are betting on a future result. two examples of a future handball bet are the team that will win the world cup or the team that will win a particular league.‎

‎When it comes to handball bets in sports bets, they can usually be seen in money line, decimal or partial odds. for example, you can see these different betting odds formats given the betting site we suggest to you on our handball page.‎

‎Bets on handball handicap matches‎:

الرهانات على مباريات الإعاقة لكرة اليد

‎One of the best handball betting tips to follow is to handicap matches. if you handicap a handball game, you’re looking at information about the game, and by doing so, you can increase your chances of winning the bet. the more information you have about the game, the more it leads to a smart bet, which is often the winning bet. when you look to handicap a handball game, you have to look at some specific factors. few of them are team form, direct history with the opponent, the record on and off home, and the injuries of the players. By looking at these things and doing a little research, you can get an idea of how the game develops before it starts. you can find tips and things that can help you excel on sports bets by handicap handball games.‎

‎let’s say you don’t handicap a game and bet with a team you think has good odds. the game starts, and you see that the team you’re betting on doesn’t have a star because of the injury. because of that, this team has less chance of winning, which is why they probably had odds that you thought were strong. that’s how it can hurt you not to do some obstacles in the game. With all the information on the internet, it makes handicap handball games much easier. There’s a lot of information available about handball, and by doing a little research before betting on handball, you can increase the likelihood that you’ll make smart handball choices.‎


‎Major competitions‎:

‎When it comes to what you bet on in handball, bigger tournaments and competitions will have the greatest chance of betting on handball. The main events in handball that will not lack the prospect of betting on handball are:‎

‎Olympic Games‎


‎European League‎

‎European Championship‎

‎World Handball Championship‎

‎Women’s World Championship‎

‎The Olympic Games, European Championships, World Handball Championships and Women’s World Championships will have national teams facing each other. The European League and the European EHF League are club competitions between professional clubs across Europe. The Europa League and UEFA Europa League are very similar to football in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. The listed events are those that will not lack the handball betting odds that are available in many sports bets. These matches will also have the highest number of suggested bets and futures. If you want a little tips on betting on handball, it is a good idea when running these competitions to look for bonuses and promotions for these events to top up your balance..‎


‎There are many handball leagues around the world, and handball betting sites will have published possibilities for many matches. the biggest tournaments are where you’ll find the most betting on handball in terms of covered matches and betting markets.‎

‎According to Wikipedia, the world’s top 10 most famous handball leagues, which will have the highest number of handball betting odds, are:‎

DKB Handball-Bundesliga (Germany)

Liga Loterías ASOBAL (Spain)

K&H Liga (Hungary)

Liddell Starleigh (France)

PGNiG Superliga (Poland)

888ligaen (Denmark)

Super League (Macedonia)

Premier League (Croatia)

1ª Devisao (Portugal)

1. NLB Leasing Liga (Slovenia)


‎Is online handball betting profitable?‎

‎Betting on handball can be profitable if you do it the right way. The best way to make a profit when betting on handball is to make smart and informed choices, which means handicap matches before betting. you won’t get rich quickly, but with strong money management, knowledge of bets provided and information about events and matches, betting on handball can be a lucrative endeavor.‎

‎How to read the online handball betting line ?‎

‎For the most common online handball betting line, you’ll usually see the money line. here’s the handball line:‎
France -140‎
‎+130 in this example, France is the favorite in the game referred to as the symbol – in front of the number, and Denmark is the underdog symbolized by the symbol + in front of the number. using $100 in the example, you’ll need to bet $140 to win a $100 bet on France and bet $100 to win a $130 bet on Denmark. you can see that Denmark’s compensation is better, because you bet less on winning more, but they are the underdogs in the game, which is why it pays more.‎

‎Does women’s handball have betting odds?‎

‎Yes, there are odds of betting on women’s handball, but there are not as many bets available as men. sports betting sites will have opportunities to bet on handball in major women’s tournaments as well as larger international competitions.‎

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