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‎Volleyball is a very popular sport all over the world, with men, women and children alike playing competitively or for fun. But the rules of volleyball can be very different depending on which version you are playing. The two main versions of volleyball are indoor and beach. And learning the rules of volleyball will help you understand the best way to bet on volleyball in the future!

Here in our website, we have created a volleyball betting guide to take you through the best markets associated with the game. You will learn the best bets in volleyball, how to bet on live volleyball and some of the other complexities involved in this wonderful sport. You’ll then be able to master online volleyball betting with all the knowledge you’ll need at your fingertips.‎

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‎Volleyball Betting: Volleyball Game Rules‎:

قواعد كرة الطائرة

‎The main goal of volleyball is to score points by forcing the opposing team to make a mistake, or to win a point from your successful game. All forms of volleyball include two teams and a central network, over which teams must hit the ball. Teams stand on both sides of the grid.

Players can only use their arms to hit the ball, which does not allow it to bounce back on the ground. Matches are played across a number of groups, with each group selected by a number of points. In domestic volleyball, the first team with 25 points (two points) wins the group. In beach volleyball, this is up to 21 points. The other main difference is that indoor volleyball is a team sport of six players on each side of the net, while beach volleyball consists of two teams with 2 players each.‎

You Can Earn a Point in Volleyball by Doing Any of the Following:

‎How to Bet on Volleyball Online‎

Volleyball Betting

‎There are few differences between indoor volleyball betting and beach volleyball betting. This guide will therefore provide an overview of the central markets in both versions of the sport. Here are some of the most popular types gamblers play when betting on volleyball.‎

‎Match bet:

‎In match bet volleyball betting, you just bet on the team you think will win the game. To place a bet on a match first, you should go to your preferred betting site and find the volleyball competition you want to bet on. Then look for the game you want to watch. You’ll see the “home” team on the left, and the “Away” team on the right. There are no volleyball draws, so you can only bet on home (1) or away on (2). Just click the odds and enter the bet you want to bet on, and then click “place the bet.” if your team wins the game, you win your bet!‎

‎Handicap Betting:

You can also bet on a handicap in the match volleyball betting, in order to make the game more exciting. Handicaps are used in sports betting to even out the odds in a one-sided game. For example, if Germany is a hot favorite to beat Switzerland, the odds of betting on the match may be too low to be worth betting on.

Therefore, we created a handicap where the team would need to win a mock handicap. You can bet Germany to win a handicap of -2.5. This means that they need to win the match 3-0 in groups for you to win your bet! Similarly, you can bet Switzerland to win a handicap of +1.5. As long as they don’t lose 3-0, you win your bet.

‎Total Points‎:

‎You can also bet on total points in indoor volleyball betting and beach volleyball betting. This is where you expect the number of points to be scored during the duration of the game. It’s worth remembering that in indoor volleyball games five sets are played, while only three sets are run in beach volleyball. Therefore, if you are betting on an internal match, the minimum number of points scored will be 75. This will only happen if one team wins 25-0 25-0 25-0, which is unlikely.‎

Indoor volleyball matches usually score around 136 points. So keep this in mind when you bet. You can bet the total number of points scored, or less than the total number of points scored

‎For example, you can bet on Russia’s match against Belarus, which is +134.5 points. If 135 or more points are scored, you will win the bet.‎

‎Correct Result‎:

This is a more accurate match bet in volleyball betting. Here, you bet on the correct result of the volleyball match in terms of groups. In indoor volleyball, scores will be anywhere from 3-0 to 3-2. In beach volleyball, the scores will be 2-0 to 2-1, at home or away from home. Sometimes there is no home or away team, but teams will be assigned to either the first or second section of the pot.

Place the Bet:

You can also bet on the team that will win individual volleyball groups. This is a great volleyball betting type if you’re not sure who’s going to win the game, but you have a firm idea of who might top group 1. In the meantime, you can bet on the total points scored in a particular group. You will usually bet 41.5 points or less in an indoor volleyball match.‎

‎Tournament Bets‎:

The sites we suggest in our lists offer tournament volleyball betting for the biggest competitions in the world of volleyball. These are long-term markets, where you bet on the ultimate winner of the respective tournament. In the Olympics, you can also bet on whether a team will win a medal (instead of just winning the gold) as well as predict when teams will crash.

Many volleyball leagues have a group initial stage before leading to the knockout stage. This means that you can often bet on the team that you think will win a group, rather than winning the entire tournament. This is a great way to play volleyball betting odds if you think the team will win the combos, but won’t win the overall title.

Volleyball Betting Strategies

To help you increase your chances of winning in Volleyball betting, we have compiled a series of strategies that you should follow. Everything in betting and casino games depends on luck, but following certain strategies can help boost your winning chances.

Do Your Research

The best thing you can do before placing a bet on Volleyball, or any other sport, is to research what you are betting on. Get familiar with the players, the teams, partnerships, injuries, player form, head-to-head results…etc. So, before you start your Volleyball betting journey, turn that TV on (or laptop or phone, whichever you prefer) and start watching Volleyball games!

Know the Stats

If you do not feel like watching every single game and checking the results daily, you can check the statistics. Nowadays, every single detail is available online, so take advantage of that and study the statistics of each player or team and look for a pattern in their performance. Analyse their strengths and weaknesses. If you do that along with watching the game, you are Golden!

Try In Play Volleyball Betting

Many online sports betting sites offer the option to live-stream a game. You can use that to your advantage. If you bet on a game while you are watching it, you can tell who is playing better and the events are likely to unfold in this particular match.

Don’t Always Pick the Favourites

Sports betting sites give much higher odds to the underdogs, while favourites, even though their chances of winning are higher, have low odds. So, in that case, why not give the less favourable player or team to win? After all, anything can happen in sports.

Don’t Bet on Your Favourite Team

You do not want to double the frustration trust me. Imagine betting on a player or a team that you follow and support and you lose. Not only will you be sad that your team lost, but you will be frustrated that you lost your bet. Besides, sometimes we are blinded by emotions when we bet on our favourite team or player when we actually do know they are not doing that well or the opponent is more likely to win. So, in short, bet rationally not emotionally.

Trust Your Gut!

Now imagine all the previous strategies applied and combined. The icing on the cake is that you trust your instinct. Our instinct tell us a lot.

Don’t Let the Odds Fool You

Do not make a bet on a player just because the odds of him/her winning is lower meaning he/she is more likely to win. Combine your knowledge and try to predict the result rationally. Even bookmakers make mistakes, trust me.

Don’t Try to Make Up For Your Loss

This is actually the number one rule for everything related to gambling. Only gamble money you can afford to lose and don’t get emotional when you lose and say ” I can make up for it in the next round”. No! Try again when you can afford to try again and when you are less emotional. You are very unlikely to win anyway if you are so emotional and frustrated.

Top Volleyball Tournaments

Below, you will find the most prominent Volleyball Tournaments that you know in order to up your game in Volleyball betting:

Where to Watch Volleyball?

أين تتابع الكرة الطائرة

Indoor volleyball is a huge sport and there are both men’s and women’s tournaments held all over the world every year. The biggest volleyball tournament is the FIVB World Championships. There is a men’s event and a women’s event, with tournaments taking place every four years. Italy dominated the men’s championship in the 1990s, while Brazil won three championships in the 2000s.

Russia, China and the United States are the major players in women’s indoor volleyball. There is also the Men’s and Women’s World Cup, which takes place every four years. This is not as big as the World Championships, but it remains an integral part of international volleyball. But the greatest interest in volleyball comes during the Olympic Games.

Indoor volleyball hosts both men’s and women’s championships at the Olympic Games. Brazil, Russia and the United States dominated the Olympic scene and could do well in the future. For beach volleyball, this is also a popular sport all over the world. The World Beach Volleyball Championship is held every two years, with the men’s and women’s tournaments taking place at the same time and at the same venue.

But the Olympics is where beach volleyball gains most of its world fame. Many countries will feature complete beach volleyball tournaments at the Olympics. The sport has only been on the Olympic schedule since 1996, but its popularity has grown since then.

There is only one event for men and one for women, with players on each team. Countries are able to send more than one team to the Games. America is the most successful country for men’s beach volleyball at the Olympics and won the first-ever gold medal in the event back in 1996. America also dominated the volleyball scene at the Women’s Olympics, although the ’96 Games saw two Brazilian teams play in the final match. The most common result in the women’s beach volleyball final at the Olympic Games is 2-0.

‎Bet on Volleyball!

Now that you know more about how to play volleyball, it’s time to check out our page Best Arab Casino and go to sports betting sites and volleyball betting site today! There are tournaments held all over the world, and many local tournaments have also proven popular among sports betting enthusiasts. Beach volleyball is, of course, a seasonal game and many of the biggest tournaments take place during the summer months. But indoor volleyball can be held all year round, so stay tuned for the big events coming soon!

Volleyball Betting FAQ

‎How to bet on volleyball?‎

First you have to choose the volleyball betting site you want to use, we have a long list of betting sites that allow you to bet on volleyball. After choosing the site, you log in and deposit money, then you can bet easily.

‎Are volleyball betting sites safe?‎

There are many fake and dangerous Volleyball betting sites for your money and your data. Through our site you can rest assured that all the sites mentioned are solid and reputable and have been tested by our experts, so you can start betting with peace of mind.

Can I win in Volleyball Betting Online?

Although volleyball bets primarily depend on chance, there are many strategies that you can learn and use while playing and betting. Also, seeing the latest sports news about tournaments and leagues for volleyball matches is very important in order to form your own expectations about the game. Also, see the opinions and analyzes of sports experts and analysts about the results and predictions of matches.

Is Volleyball Betting good for profit?

Volleyball betting can be very profitable for you if you watch the games regularly and know some stats about the teams and players. You can bet on the underdogs that are normally excluded by analysts, and you will reap big profits if they win.

What is a total in Volleyball Betting?

A Total in volleyball betting is betting on the total number of sets played in the match.

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